How blogging can improve someone’s writing skills !


Blogging has become a medium to express one’s opinion without any boundaries. It has literally taken over the internet in many ways. I have read various kinds of blogs and books in my life till now but never thought I would start writing a blog myself. I come from a dental profession where there is no much importance for writing. For this reason, I do not see myself as a professional writer. I was always afraid of writing than speaking because it includes grammar and punctuation which is different from casual conversation.

Improving and implementing writing standards into my upcoming classrooms will be my primary goal of this semester. To bring command over the language, at the paragraph and sentence level writing exercises will play a major role. Critical thinking about different subjects can also be improved using the writing assignments. I also wanted to explore diverse techniques and styles of writing which can expose me to a complete different view about the content. I hope by mastering the writing skills will also make a better reader out of myself.

Integrating the technology into learning the writing tasks is a wonderful method. By using this blog, I can make myself good at communicating with the rest of the world. The fear of making mistakes in writing a blog is much less when compared to writing a technical article or paper.  This exercise will eventually take away my fear of expressing something in writing. The blog also encourages participation and commenting on each other’s writing which eventual helps in developing the standards. Keeping the blog assignments will encourage the students to start their journey and excel as writers.



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