First trip with my hubby


Recently I visited Pittsburg, Pennsylvania with my loved husband which was an amazing one day trip of my life. I never imagined before that I could have so many different experiences in a single day. The trip started with a 5-hour long drive enjoying the scenic roads, breezy weather, peppy music and the sheer presence of my hubby. Our first stop was a famous Hindu temple of Sri VenkateswaraSwami. Since it was a long weekend the crowd was humongous and we ended up waiting in the line for a while. After having an auspicious sight of the holy god and taking the blessing from the priest we headed toward the lunch buffet offered at the temple. Being very devotional towards god I felt very pleasant visiting the temple and thanked my husband for taking me there.

Our second stop was Carnegie museum of natural history, which is collection of great natural heritage and explains the unity and interdependence of humanity and nature. This is the first time I have encountered with dinosaur fossils which blew my mind. I used to see dinosaurs in the movies like Jurassic-park in my childhood, but watching them live was a wonderful experience. I got to know many key information about fossils, minerals and gems. The sculptures and painting in the museum were thought provoking. Next stop was Phipps Conservatory and botanical gardens where we explored very interesting glass art by Jason Gamrath. From a distance the glass art looked very real and magical.

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The final stop was at Grandview Overlook in Mount Washington, Pittsburgh, PA. This place is located on a 450-feet high hill which provides a breathtaking view of Downtown and the Golden Triangle, is also home to many of Pittsburgh’s most elegant restaurants, unique shops and memorable places.

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