The Summer Plan

When the summer sun glows on my face, a big smile shows up. The long summer days brings me a lot of joy and desire to do something extraordinary. This blog is about what I like to do in the summer. So, let’s get started about it.

            The number one thing for me in the summer is camping. I have done lot of shopping needed for camping during the end of winter. Since the stores are ready to get rid of their old summer stock, all the camping accessories were cheap to buy. I bought a pretty good tent, a sleeping bag, and a small grill which are camping essentials. Another thing I like to do in summer is biking. The pleasure of riding a bicycle in the summer evenings is a bliss to me. Whenever the wind blows on my face while riding the bike I feel relaxed. I bought a new bicycle from Costco store since it was a good product and a bang for the buck. Below is an awesome picture of me, my bike and the awesome brightness of the summer.


             In coming days, I plan to bike the Cuyahoga Valley National park. It has a very interesting trail known as Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath trail which I felt is the best among all the trails in this park. There is also a Bike Aboard plan where we can ride the bike along the trail in one direction and ride the train along Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

            Kayaking is also in my list. Since buying a kayak and transporting it is not my thing, I plan to rent one when its time. One cannot miss the beach in the summer. Lake Erie is the closest beach I can enjoy for now. I will be visiting Lake Erie and Niagara Falls next month. This is all plan for this summer.


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