My passion towards Dentistry

I started my academic journey diving into the medical field, but I never imagined I would become a dentist. Initially my medical scores forced me to select dentistry as my future path. My decision to study dentistry posed many challenges, the main on being that it would be the first time that I would live away from home and be independent. But now with self-confidence I can say that Dentistry became my passion. One would never know what’s their real passion until they actually do it.

            My interest towards dentistry started as soon as I joined the college because of the complexity involved. Before, I thought dentistry is just cleaning the teeth and how to educate people to keep it clean, but now when I started learning the real details it stunned me. The feeling of how I can serve people with various complications and diseases brought me on board. Perhaps what’s been the most difficult, yet rewarding aspect of the course has been interacting with people. I have gained lot of knowledge and greatly improved my practical skills since I first held a handpiece. After a lot of challenging work and struggles I was called a dentist back in India.


But when I moved to USA, the land of dreams, all my dreams got shattered. All my years of struggle and hardwork is wasted, because my foreign dental degree is not valid here. That means I must start from scratch to become a dentist again. I really got depressed about this situation. But my passion towards dentistry kept me going and made me help to start a new journey again. I am looking forward to joining the dental hygiene program and see where it takes me.


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