My inspiration of life

College is a very important learning step in life for everyone. One’s attitude towards college will carryover it into his/her career. It is very important to have a clear idea of what one is doing and where it leads, otherwise lot of resources and time will be wasted. Each of us has something inside that made us decide “why” we wanted to be something. In my case I wanted to become a dental hygienist, because I feel that my passion is to be a caretaker.

My inspiration in life for me are my parents. From my childhood, they used to help the needy in some manner. For example, they used to donate money and clothes to an orphanage center and share the food with homeless and poor people. They also believed in karma and doing charitable deeds will get back to us in a good way. Once my dad and I was sitting together having a chat regarding my career goals and future, then he said to me only one thing, which is “One can be happy with achieving their self-goals up to some degree, but to be really happy in life one has to share their existence with rest of the world and help and serve each other. He quoted saying, God gave us two hands one for us and one for the needy.

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This triggered me to think what can I do to serve the mankind, which career path would help me do this? I started considering several career paths where I can directly communicate with people and serve them and take care of them. This thinking made me to turn in the direction of healthcare. Then later I narrowed it down to be a dental hygienist since I can literal interact and have a personal experience with the patients and create smiles on their face.



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